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Who Is Nyagoslav

If you’ve ever had questions on Google Places or building citations, chances are you’ve gotten an answer from Nyagoslav of NGS Marketing. He is a Google Places top contributor and always finds and shares the best local search content on Twitter and Google+  so I highly recommend following him on those platforms. I definitely got a better understanding of citation building from this interview and wanted to share it with my audience as well. 

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The Interview

Q: Why are citations important for local search?

Citations are one of the pillars of local SEO. I like to divide their importance into two main “branches”:

  1. Importance in terms of added trustworthiness
  2. Importance in terms of added relevance

The first group consists mostly of the “top” business directories and citation sources, which every business should have in mind, while the second group consists mostly of industry- and location-specific, niche-oriented citation sources.


Q: Do you think that citations will ever be decreased in value?

I don’t think they will necessarily decrease in absolute value, but in relative value – most probably yes, and this is inevitable. It is the same way how the value of links is decreasing. If you look back at how SEO was done back in 2005’ish, you would realize that links (PageRank) were 80+% of the algorithm. Now they are not more than 30-40%. Overall, citations, again – like links, will be an important factor for the foreseeable future. There are just no available substitutes. I would like to point to two great articles on the topic:


Q: What are some Do’s and Don’ts of citation building?

Some major Do’s would be:

  • Keep a master list of all login details to any business listings that you have created or claimed
  • Keep a master list of all the business information you would like to include during the citation building process
  • Keep a list of all the significant sites where your (client’s) business is registered that allow reviews to be posted by customers

The major Don’ts would be :

  • Not following the mentioned Do’s
  • Not following the best practices prescribed  here.


Q:  What is the biggest mistake that people make when building citations?

There are two most frequent mistakes that I encounter:

1) They do not keep track of their log in details. This can prove to be a huge problem if in some point in the future they decide to change some of their business information. Claimed listings are much more difficult to be updated or removed as compared to non-claimed, if you do not have the login credentials.

2) They assume that they are not listed anywhere and simply go on and create new listings. In many cases, they not only create duplicates, but also neglect already existing listings that have social mentions and even reviews associated with them, which can be a major loss. This is more frequently observed among long-standing businesses.

Q:  What are the most common citations you see businesses take care of?

  • Google+
  • Local
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • Yahoo! Local
  • MerchantCircle
  • Manta
  • LocalEze

Due mostly to the aggressive sales strategies of Yext, I notice more and more businesses using their PowerListings service, too.

*Editors Note: If you are looking for more directories, Local Stampede created a list of the top business directories by country.


Q:  Any such thing as a bad citation? Like negative link building?

A negative citation could be considered one that features incorrect information. Such citation could be even more harmful than the lack of some important potential citation (like one from ExpressUpdate, for instance).

Additionally, citations from low quality sources are probably difficult to be discovered by Google, and thus are most probably being neglected altogether. This might imply negative value for time-spent.


Q:  Tips for doing citation building?

Besides the great list Phil Rozek published, the most important in citation building is to be well-organized and well-prepared before you start doing anything on the task itself. Preparation is about (or even more than) 50% of my overall process of citation building.


Q:  Tools & Resources for citation building?

I have previously made a list of all the citation building tools I generally recommend. There are some new tools in development that I know of, but these are currently (as of 18 November) in Beta.

Questions About Nyagoslav

Q:   Tool / Resource you can’t live without?

I prefer not to pivot my life around tools, but I use the Whitespark Citation Finder.

Q:  Book you think everyone should read?

The Bible – Even if not for the religious interpretations

Q:   What is your favorite quote?

I don’t have one

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